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At Rooted Imports, we encourage our customers to try a healthier and more natural approach to beauty, health, skincare, and art. All of our products are free from harsh chemicals. Our artwork is hand made and directly from Africa.

What are you waiting on? Lets fill up that shopping cart with authentic products directly from the motherland.

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African art has been around for ages. There is a ton of history behind each individual piece, symbol and color. Here at Rooted Imports we will provide a range of hand-made arts and meanings directly from the motherland. Rooted will provide our customers great quality Stools, Hand Fans, Fang Masks, Maasai Totem Masks, Wooden Chess Boards, Ceremonial Mask and MORE! Please understand that no two pieces of art is the same. Some may slightly differ from one another and the website. This is the result of HAND MADE art.


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"My whole family loves that Barack Obama oil! It smells amazing and the quality is perfect."

- Imani T., West Virginia

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"I love the Creamy Shea Butter, its very moisturizing! The black soap leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I will be getting more for my family. I am very happy with both. Five out of Five Stars"

- Janet C., West Virginia

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"Yes, all of the oils smelled good. I am very satisfied and will be getting more."

- Rosetta W. West Virginia

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"I ended up giving my mom the Pink Sugar oil. So I will be calling you soon to replace that and also purchase the Black Woman oil. Rooted Imports were very professional, the products were of high quality and the prices were very reasonable."

- Shantrace F., West Virginia

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"I just started using the Turmeric and so far so good. I have no complaints. I also purchased the Blue Sage. I was very impressed with the shipping speed. I received my order in two days!"

-Keona F., North Carolina

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"The first time using the Black Seed Oil Soap left my skin feeling well moisturized and soft. My skin has maintained it's moisture throughout the day. That itchy feeling I had before using the soap has now subsided. I will definitely continue using it."

- Theresa, W., West Virginia

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"Hey Rooted Imports, my family really appreciated the Black Soap and Eczema Butter! My daughter used it today and was absolutely in-love with it. We will be shopping again soon. Best wishes to Rooted Imports."

- Dom H., New York